Home Business Testimonials

Debbie from Tennessee

I wanted something to do in my spare time that I enjoyed and could make some extra cash. Making rag quilts for Quilt Quack was just what I was looking for. I'm thinking about quitting my job and doing this full time. Thanks.

Marcus from New Jersey

First time I've ever quilted and the rag quilts are super easy, plus the company (QQ) coached me until I was comfortable with everything. Just started my 32nd quilt. Great home business because QQ buys all the quilts I put together.

Maria from Texas

Thank you Quilt Quack for giving me this opportunity!!! I go to school all day and can make quilts (and money) in the evenings and weekends. It's great to set my own schedule and not have to worry about selling the quilts I make.

Lt. King from N.Carolina

After returning from Iraq, I had serious PTSD. Making these quilts has been relaxing and helps me focus on something positive. My mom says I went from sewing hope and freedom around the world to sewing quilts. She took the first one, sorry Quilt Quack, but you'll get the rest. I have a few buddies that are probably gonna sign up and start quilting. I highly recommend this company.

Val from Colorado

This is perfect. Kids are in school. Husband is at work. I was tired of watching TV all day. Now I do this quilting full time and finally I own my own home business. The company is wonderful to work with, they always answer my questions fast, and they pay me as promised. I would recommend QQ to anyone serious about owning their own biz and working from home.

Phillip from Ohio

I've been looking into buying a franchise for about a year. I saw Quilt Quack being advertised on Facebook and checked them out. I knew the company was fairly new but the business model was unique and sound, so I bought into the Associate position a few months ago and already have made my investment back. My 15 year old daughter is home-schooled and makes quilts when I'm gone to work. Very good investment.

Abraham from New York

My friend has been doing this for about a year and told me to look into it. I actually helped her make a quilt before I started my own rag quilting business. After learning the sewing machine operations, it has been all downhill and I have told my mom and aunt about it and they are signing up next month.

Dedri from Indiana

I've been making rag quilts for 15 years and when I saw an opportunity to make money working from home doing what I already do, well I jumped on it, and I would recommend this to everyone. The Quilt Quack people are a great bunch and they know their business, and the pre-cut fabrics remove a lot of the work. Very smart!

Karen from Arizona

The desert is not a good place to own a quilt making business, unless of course you have a company like QQ that is buying every quilt you can make. Me, my daughter and my mom all take turns on the sewing machine and we make about 10 quilts a week. Best investment I ever made.