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Building Trust

Because we are paying for 50% of the fabric/batting cost, we ship the rag-quilt-kits in limited number until we build a solid relationship with you.

We will ship you five rag-quilt-kits to get started and once you have completed those five quilts and returned them to us, then we will ship another five rag-quilt-kits to you. There is no time limits or quotas, go as fast or as slow as you choose. You're the boss.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th shipments will be increased to ten rag-quilt-kits. By the end of the 5th shipment, you will have fulfilled your obligations, building trust with the company and may now decide all future shipments. We pay for shipping rag quilt kits to you and you pay for shipping finished rag quilt back to us.