Frequently Asked Questions

How does the training work?

You may login to the Quilt Quack On-demand Training Portal anytime. There are detailed training videos for each step. Most videos are less than three (3) minutes for fast learning. Also, the one-on-one coaching staff are available during business hours. Email and text are available until 10:00PM seven days a week.

How much do I earn for each quilt I make?

It depends on the quilt size. Each size pays a different amount based on the number of quilting squares used; you earn as follows:

  • King $143.65
  • Queen $120.12
  • Full/Standard $99.60
  • Twin $63.14
  • Afghan/Lap $38.88

What's the difference between a rag quilt and regular quilt?

Despite its name, the rag quilt is not made of rags. Its name is derived from sandwiched layers that are sewn in a fashion that exposes an attractive raggedy side and an attractive smooth side. The raggedy side becomes frayed and gets softer after each wash. Rag quilts are created using a quilt-as-you-go method and are made much faster than a typical quilt, which has binding. Rag quilts are made using small individual squares, which is much easier than wrestling with a typical large quilt.  

How are the quilt design patterns determined?

There are three (3) design pattern methods. First, and the most desired by the company, is whatever your artistic desires create. Second, choose from the company's inventory of design patterns, and third, is the custom designs submitted by our quilt customers. Either way you choose, Quilt Quack will purchase every quilt you make.

Can I sell my quilts to a 3rd party?

No, all quilts must be sold directly to Quilt Quack. We are teaching you our trade secrets so you can become a proficient rag quilt producer for our company. We need the inventory and expect loyal Independent Contract Designers.

How much time does it take to make one queen sized quilt?

About eight (8) hours. Some people can make a quilt faster than others, and practice makes perfect. After a few weeks, it should take less than 8-hours to design and produce a beautiful queen size quilt.

When do I get paid?

Quilt Quack pays on the 7th of each month. You may choose direct deposit, company check or a debit card to receive pay.

Does Quilt Quack withhold income taxes?

No, you are self-employed and will receive a 1099 tax form each January. Also, because working from home is involved, most states allow for tax breaks and benefits, after all, you are starting a new home business.

How many Rag Quilts do I have to design and make?

There are NO quotas. You are your own boss and decide what, when and how long. Some people make a rag quilt every day, some make only one a month. Remember, you set the work schedules.

What is the total start-up investment?

Total start-up investment is $3950.

What is Quilt Quack's Refund Policy?

Quilt Quack offers a 30-day 100% money back guarantee on all of our products and home business opportunity. We only want happy experiences.

Can I use my own fabric? Can I cut my own Quilting Squares?

No, to ensure all Quilt Quack rag quilts are made to company standards and for quality assurance, only fabrics provided by the Quilt Quack Company are authorized to be used in the production of our quilts.

What is a Quilting Square?

Quilting Squares are our precision cut 10x10" specific pre-cut and pre-frayed fabrics that Quilt Quack uses to produce our rag quilts. These are the only fabrics authorized to be used in a Quilt Quack rag quilt.

Don't see your question?

Contact Us at and we will be happy to answer all your question, or give us a call at 615-379-7379.

How does the training work?

You may login to the Quilt Quack On-demand Tutorial Portals anytime. There are detailed training videos for each step.

In this Training Video, Step-6: Making Building Blocks; details are provided to guide the quilter in an easy, to the point quick learning lesson. All QQ tutorial videos are short and to the point. Most are less than three (3) minutes.